When we were kids, we had big dreams

We were excited about the life ahead of us. We were going to be dancers, scientist, astronauts. We were ready to change the world.

But as we grew up, the world changed us instead. Our teachers taught us to follow the rules – to not interrupt and to speak when called upon. Other kids showed us that being different meant you got made fun of. So we learned to fit in. To do what everyone else did.

As we entered adulthood, those lessons stuck with us. So we went down the same career paths and got the same jobs everyone else did – just following the status quo. We may not be happy with it, but we’ve told ourselves that that’s how life is – that to dream of more would be unrealistic, or worse, would get us into trouble. We convince ourselves to be satisfied where we are, even though deep down, we wish there was more.

But life doesn’t have to be that way. Especially in today’s world. There’s no reason, especially in 2016, for us to force ourselves to stay in the status quo. To go through the motions, and count down til 5pm everyday. It’s completely possible to pursue your dreams, forge your own path and be your own person.

At PassionBlueprint, we'll help you do just that - to build a life doing what you love.

We’ll be introducing you to amazing people who have taken that step out to do what they love. They’ll show you that it’s possible to pursue your passions. Not just that, they’ll show you how they did it – so you can do it too.

Because life is too short to not do what you love.

Meet your host

Derrick Kwa

I left school at 16, to forge my own path and go after what I love. It’s been scary, but completely worth it. Since then, I’ve done 2 virtual programs with Seth Godin (an internship, and the altMBA), played professional poker against the most well-known players in the world, traveled to 10 countries in 30 months, started a marketing agency and worked with brands like QuickBooks Asia and Wacoal Singapore, and made amazing friends along the way.

I’m a huge believer in pursuing your passions. It’s how I live my life – and I hope I can inspire and help you to do the same.

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