Episode 1: Lisa Howe

July 28, 2016

I love traveling and food. I went through 10 countries in 2 years between 2012-14, and it gave me some of the best experiences of my life. So when I first came across Kitchen Table Passport, I was really excited. It’s a startup that lets you see, hear, taste, touch and smell a different country each month – all without leaving home. It’s a great product, and the founders have an amazing story.

In this episode, we talk to one of the founders of Kitchen Table Passport, Lisa Howe. Lisa was a high-achieving corporate executive, and has working with both small and Fortune 50 organizations. She left that world to launch Kitchen Table Passport. She took the (scary) leap from well-paid corporate executive to bootstrapped startup. And in today’s episode, she shares with us her story, and the lessons she’s learned as she’s made that switch.

What Lisa and I talk about:
  • 1:57

    How she decided to dive into entrepreneurship

  • 3:05

    How she dealt with the fear of a lack of paycheck

  • 5:46

    The importance of having the right partner and community around you

  • 12:22

    How traveling (between her and her co-founder, they’ve been to 45 different countries!) has made her a better entrepreneur and person

  • 14:41

    How you can broaden your horizons even if you aren’t able to travel

  • 19:38

    The power of curiosity – and how they ignite curiosity in their customers

  • 26:52

    What makes her feel like giving up – and what keeps her going

  • 32:19

    The one biggest piece of advice she has for aspiring entrepreneurs

  • 36:15

    Why entrepreneurs need to be a bit of a generalist – and what to do when you’re lacking a skillset you need

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