Episode 2: Matthew Ebel

September 01, 2016

Matthew Ebel’s been one of my favourite musicians for 10 years now. He’s not only a great songwriter and musician, but he’s great at the business side of things too. He’s been at the forefront of technology for a while. He was one of the first musicians to get into podcasting, and to hold concerts via live stream and even in Second Life. He also launched his own direct-to-fan subscription service in 2010, before Bandcamp and Patreon made the model popular.

I love his music, how he embraces technology, and his willingness to experiment and push himself. So I’m extremely pleased and honoured to have him on this show. In this episode, I chat with Matthew about music, creativity, authenticity, change, and more. He shares the struggles he’s faced and lessons he’s learned as he’s pursed his passion in music. I learned so much from this conversation, and I’m sure you will too.

What Matthew and I talk about:
  • 1:32

    His “Aha” moment to fully pursue music

  • 9:05

    Transitioning out of the Christian music business

  • 10:56

    The importance of community to overcome fear and pressure

  • 15:14

    How to stay consistent with what you do

  • 20:14

    How to deal with criticism and self-doubt

  • 22:05

    Taking risks and learning from mistakes

  • 22:10

    The importance of the human element to relate to your audience

  • 27:34

    His biggest challenge pursuing music

  • 30:48

    How to stay focused on your goals

  • 32:14

    His darkest moment in pursuing his passion

  • 37:39

    The importance of getting external feedback and critique

  • 39:37

    Most exciting recent moment in pursuing his passion

  • 41:28

    Leaving a legacy of growth and change

  • 45:29

    Keeping a daily schedule for continuous learning

  • 48:30

    Most important piece of advice when you start pursuing your passion


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