Episode 3: Rachel Pedersen

October 01, 2016

Rachel Pedersen is someone who I’m honored to consider a friend, and she’s got an amazing story. She’s a former hair stylist, who’s now a fully booked social media strategist and entrepreneur. Her work has been featured on a bunch of major publications including Glamour, Cosmopolitan, The Daily Mail and The TODAY Show.

I’m really excited to have her on the show. In today’s episode, she shares the story of how she made the transition. She talks about how she grew her business, and dealing with the external, and internal, pressures of being an entrepreneur. Listen in to how Rachel’s determination, resilience, and positive outlook have helped her overcome and learn from the failures and success along the way.

What Rachel and I talk about:

  • 1:45

    Making the switch from hair stylist to social media strategist

  • 3:48

    Most exciting aspects of social media

  • 6:28

    Dealing with outside pressure becoming an entrepreneur

  • 10:25

    Overcoming Imposter syndrome

  • 11:57

    Celebrating the small wins along the way

  • 15:28

    Following your own dreams and vision

  • 19:31

    First steps becoming a social media marketer

  • 20:47

    The best platform to find social media clients

  • 20:56

    How to stay focused on your goals

  • 25:01

    Resources for email list building

  • 27:53

    Handling information overload

  • 30:45

    Biggest challenges becoming an entrepreneur

  • 32:13

    Transforming failure into success

  • 33:42

    Staying persistent when others quit

  • 35:23

    Keeping setbacks in perspective

  • 37:43

    Successes along the way

  • 40:09

    What she wishes she knew starting out

Connect with Rachel:
Her Social Media Manager Group

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