Episode 4: Emily Kenway

November 01, 2016

Today on PassionBlueprint, I’m excited to chat with former professional opera singer and current Director of Fair Tax Mark, Emily Kenway. Emily has a unique story to share with us, one of transitioning from being a professional freelance singer to follow her true passion of working in the nonprofit industry. She trained and worked as a professional opera singer for over 7 years, before leaving to follow her passion in non-profits.

In this episode, Emily shares her journey of being at the top of her career to following her passion and starting over at the bottom rung of a new career ladder. She offers valuable tips and insight to other professionals considering starting a new career path, such as how to overcome other people’s expectations as well as your own self-doubt and fear.

“You have to listen to your heart, not to those perceived expectations.” – Emily Kenway

What Emily and I talk about:

  • 1:33

    The moment she realized she no longer wanted a career in singing.

  • 6:58

    How she overcame other people’s expectations and prevent them from affecting her decisions.

  • 8:01

    What belief she had that helped carry her through the fear of starting a new career.

  • 9:00

    The steps she took to overcome her fear.

  • 13:17

    How to be self-critical without taking it too far.

  • 17:04

    The biggest challenge she faced while switching careers.

  • 18:30

    What it was like for her going from the “top” in her singing career to starting at the bottom in the nonprofit industry.

  • 19:20

    Why she believes having a humble spirit at the beginning of a new career can help you get further.

  • 19:52

    Her suggestions to people currently unhappy in their current career, but reluctant to change due to their tenure length.

  • 21:55

    How she dealt with imposter syndrome

  • 26:12

    What she did to prevent letting her fears stop her from pursuing her passion.

  • 28:11

    The brightest moment in her new career.

  • 30:53

    Her philosophy on dreaming big.

  • 32:21

    What she knows now that she wished she knew when she made her career change.

  • 34:33

    The importance of having a realistic perspective while still allowing yourself to dream and having the passion to hold them together.

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