Episode 6: Will Reynolds

January 12, 2017

In this episode of PassionBlueprint, I’ll be chatting with Will Reynolds, self-directed careerist who left his traditional job to embark on his own career journey through experimentation and self-discovery. He runs the New Work Order, a network for ambitious individuals pursuing their own career discovery. Today Will shares how he discovered his desire to make his own career path and shares valuable insights for anyone looking to find their own unique contribution to the world.

“Nothing is failure, everything is growth – everything is learning.” [tweet this]

What Will and I talk about

  • 3:50

    Realizing he was unhappy with his situation

  • 5:15

    Learning about fresh alternatives to work

  • 8:14

    Feeling no control of your own progress

  • 10:50

    Leaving Switzerland

  • 13:00

    How having a partner made all the difference

  • 15:34

    Surrounding yourself with a community of doers

  • 18:24

    Wanting to try out everything

  • 21:00

    Self-discovery and self-acceptance

  • 22:43

    Experimentation and finding where you fit

  • 23:30

    The New Work Order

  • 26:24

    Bringing and growing the community

  • 30:38

    Experimenting with coaching

  • 31:40

    Adding community engagement features

  • 33:30

    Reimagining what failure is

  • 35:10

    Embracing growth

  • 37:34

    The importance of combining introspection and experimentation

  • 39:20

    Being remembered for something

  • 41:54

    What he wishes he knew when he started on this journey

  • 46:16

    Looking at yourself as a business


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