Episode 7: Mitch Joel

March 06, 2017

In this episode of PassionBlueprint, I talk Mitch Joel, president of the global digital marketing agency Mirum, author of Ctr Alt Delete, voted one of the best business books of 2013, a leading visionary and marketing communications expert. Mitch shares how he got to where he is today, his thoughts on success, and how uncertainty is an everyday part of following your passion.

“I’m often early, and if you’re early, maybe don’t let go so soon.” – Mitch Joel

  • 2:20

    Transition from music industry to digital

  • 4:28

    How the music culture influenced DIY

  • 5:56

    The natural flow from magazine to search engine marketing

  • 9:32

    Burning out on the magazine

  • 11:34

    The truth of entrepreneurship

  • 14:09

    Finding the work he was meant to do

  • 15:41

    How family supported entrepreneurship

  • 18:29

    Position transitions and the impact of getting fired

  • 23:40

    The Unleash the Power Within Conference and getting into speaking

  • 29:52

    Never Eat Alone and capitalizing on moments

  • 32:46

    Finding peers to work with and helping people

  • 37:45

    Dealing with anxiety

  • 40:02

    Being open to mistakes and difficulties

  • 40:03

    Being acquired

  • 49:20

    What he wishes he knew when starting out


Where to find Mitch:

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