Episode 8 – Chris Vallancourt

April 07, 2017

This month on PassionBlueprint, I’m talking with Chris Vallancourt, a professional voice over artist who loves to bring to life words and characters. Chris tells his story of working in sales, marketing, and business development until finally transitioning to his passion of voice over work. Chris also shares his insights on what it takes to make it out on your own and finding your fit in your industry.

“You have to have an edge to you and be able to take a risk to do something.” – Chris Vallancourt

  • 0:55

    Beginning his career in sales, marketing and business development

  • 4:05

    How he got into voice over work

  • 8:07

    Creativity in sales and marketing

  • 10:08

    Overcoming lulls and putting in the work

  • 12:20

    Finding the steps to get where you want to be

  • 15:00

    Dealing with being turned down for work

  • 17:39

    Learning you’re not always going to be the right fit

  • 20:30

    How having an industry coach helped improve his work

  • 24:00

    Transitioning between voice over work and a full-time job

  • 26:50

    You must take risks to be an entrepreneur

  • 28:44

    Where his entrepreneurial streak came from

  • 32:12

    What keeps him going with his business

  • 33:40

    Being grateful for what you have in life

  • 36:24

    Some of the most impactful moments so far

  • 39:19

    Innate aptitude versus putting in the effort

  • 40:50

    You don’t need a lot of money to get started with your dream

  • 43:40

    Where to find him and current projects

Where to find Chris:

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